Best Inexpensive Thermostat

Hey guys,

I have a theater on the second floor of my house. I recently purchased a Yale touchscreen deadbolt that came with four other Z wave devices. One of them was an thermostat. I’m reading mixed results on this product. Should I sell it and purchase something else? If so, what would you suggest? Thanks in advance for your help. Just a thought, I have an ecobee three on my main floor. I do like it but I seem to gravitate towards Z wave devices versus Wi-Fi devices. Not sure if that is a reasonable thought or not.

I got the GoControl one from Lowes for $45 after coupon a few months ago. It is not the best, but it is certainly functional and inexpensive. Best of all, it does not need C-wire.


$45 is a great price. Anyone have experience with the Thermostat?

I also have the gocontrol unit, and it’s perfect for me. It doesn’t have lots of built in functionality, but I let my driver/app do all that. I also don’t have a c-wire. I got a decent deal 4 months ago at $70, so not quite as sweet at the other poster.

By the way, I also got a free Iris v2 hub with the $45 thermostat. Obviously, I have switched mostly to ST. So the free hub was not really a deal.
For the Gocontrol thermostat, it is still $65 after the $15 coupon right now.

Would this be the one?

This is the one I received for free with a Yale touchscreen and an Aeon labs Wallmote. I just haven’t read good things about it. I like the way it looks. I’d rather have an ecobee lite to mattch my Ecobee3 downstairs but cannot justify the price right now.

I use a PEQ bought new from eBay a couple of years ago for $40 or so. There are still good deals now:

Not bad. I’ll check them out!

I don’t have a C-wire, and I use the GoControl thermostat. Works great, and it’s quite affordable-$75-90.