Best Garage door solution with v2

Ok, good to know.

So, is there pros to going with Telguard over MIMOLite? MIMOLite appears to be cheaper, but also shows in its diagram a sensor that is sold seperately. Is that sensor important or is that just showing the laser sensor that my garage door already has? I am fine spending the extra money on telguard if it is a better/more complete product.

The mimo option isn’t ul certified and can cause you trouble with your insurance company should anything go wrong.

I think final questions. How does that telguard system interact with my manufacturer door openers? I still have other people in the house that it would be way easier to just use the existing opener in the car/one person with a homelink in his jeep. I assume all of this works just fine since that wireless signal is going directly to the opener.

Edit: One more, any reviews/suggestions of telguard vs the GoControl?

Hi @cjm3407,

Correct, the GDC1 comes with everything you need, but the MIMOLite is just the device.

The sensor is separate from the laser sensor. It functions as an open/closed sensor, and it’s used in the device type to show the open/closed state of the door; so it’s definitely important.

It’s completely separate from the openers that came with the door. The two don’t interfere with each other, and work fine together. Think of the Telguard/ST integration as another opener but on your cell phone and something that can be automated.

Sure is easier. The intent of the Telguard/ST integration (and others like the Liner/GoControl) isn’t really to replace openers and buttons on the wall. Instead, it allows you to include it in home automations based on activities you want to happen. It could be something as simple as controlling the door when you are away from home, or just knowing if the door is open and to close it from the couch with your phone. Depending upon how integrated you get, you could have it open when a certain car pulls up.

There are several reviews/discussions on the Linear/GoControl device. That’s a good one too, and either device will do the job. It uses a wireless tilt sensor on the door vs the hardwired sensor the GDC1/MIMOLite needs.

Thank you for your assistance and insight.

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You can find new garage door openers with internet gateways for around $160 ( ) . The garage door opener is 20 years old, so I am not sure spending $85 on a remote opener is a good investment.

There is an RF Arduino solution, that may be cheaper, and could do more. Probably a little more technical, but nothing really to wire into the garage,

There is a downside with remote only, the remote does not know the state of the door (open/close) so you will also need a tilt or open/close sensor. With the internet gateway it knows if its open or closed.

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I just set up a Linear GD00Z-4 today. It took me about 15 minutes. I’m currently using the default device type and have opened/closed the door a few times from the phone. A few times when i pushed the button from the “things” list, the icon would change to indicate “opening” or “closing” without any door activity. If I wait a bit and try pushing one of the buttons again, often it does the job.

I think I need to double-check the contacts of the wires on the opener (I got lazy and didn’t twist the original and Linear wires together).

I’ve seen that there are a few custom device types in use, but I’ve been trying to stay away from those if I can for local control.

That’s the device type causing that problem and how it’s handling states, not any physical wiring issue.

Local vs cloud device control is debatable depending upon your use case. Being a hub v1 user for almost 1.5 years, and now a hub v2 user, this has become less of an issue for me compared to wanting platform stability and a much better phone app and tools.

You shouldn’t be accepting that “wait a bit and try pushing one of the buttons again, often it does the job” is an acceptable user experience IMHO.

This is the route I went, works like a charm and like @Natec said, takes very little time to setup and all your existing remotes and wall buttons will work exactly the same. This is because it basically just wires into the same contacts as your wall button and acts like one, that’s all.

As for the ‘delay’ that @Natec noted, that’s actually by design and is intentional. You have to wait around 30 seconds before issuing another command.

I love it, the only thing I hate is the (legal safety requirements to make it UL listed) delay after issuing the command, the beep beep beep beep beep beep beep and THEN open/close. That’s not their fault though.

I agree. If it’s not reliable, I’ll send it back and try something else. I want it to work well because it seems to be more simple/elegant than hacking together a relay/switch/sensor, and from the threads, it seems many people have it working for them.

I did an exclude and include today with the “RG Linear” type linked from this thread, and I’ll need to do more testing today to make sure it’s reliable.

$85 to remote control garage feels expensive. I admit I did spend $55 (Gateway $35, Tilt Sensor $20 both on sale) but I think since it was 2 purchases it felt smaller.

With the internet gateway, I also get a little delay and the awesome beeping. I would prefer local processing, but even with smartthings the majority of it requires internet.

It is nice though to be able to close you garage door, and have it checked that its closed.

I took apart an extra genie remote and soldered a wire to each of the 2 contacts that are activated when you press the remotes button. Then I put the remote back together and connected the two wires to a Mimo Lite which I plugged into an outlet in my utility room. Works perfectly and I didn’t have to change any of the garage wiring. I’m also using an Ecolink wireless tilt sensor to report open/closed status.

I use an appliance module (about $25), an RM10 relay (about $20) and a tilt sensor ($30). This approach will work with any garage door controller. Search for RM10 & 007 and you’ll find some excellent videos on install and setup. Finally, I took parts of various programs and wrote my own garage door control program that does more then one would ever want. Some of the features: close garage door at sunset, close after x min (x is configurable) when it is dark, notify (via text or push msg) if garage door open too long (this too is configurable). I also have a presence feature but I’ve not tested it. This will allow me to open/close the garage door based on my iphone going in/out of range. If you are interested I can send you the link to the program.

@chuckster Do you have the same beeping and delay that folks complain about with the GD00Z-4 or do you get faster response? Also, did you need a custom device type?

I have had zero issues in the 4 months since installing. Here are actual items used in my solution
Ecolink Z-Wave Wireless Tilt Sensor
Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS - Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch
007 systems RM10

Go to the 007 systems web page and you’ll find a video that shows install. It uses a Vera Lite but of course no difference in install when using SmartThings

What is the purpose of the energy switch in your setup?

I chose it because it was the cheapest appliance/light module I could find. You can use any appliance/module switch to interface with the RM10 relay. You can also use a wall receptacle but my goal was easy and low costs.

I’m just not clear on why it’s needed…

You need a z-wave device that can send an on/off to the RM10 relay. Energy switch has no meaning for this application, it is the on/off capability that is needed. Try watching the video on the 007 systems web page as I really don’t know what else to say.

I purchased the linear garage door opener a few weeks ago. I am using it with a very old Garage door opener. I think I found a manufacturer date of 98 on the Craftsman unit.

It was very easy to install, just a couple of wires connected to the same place as the existing button.

So far it has been rock solid stable on the smartthings system. I couldn’t recommend it more.