Best Dimmable Bulb / Dimmable Plug?

So i recently bought a lamp and I wanted to connect to Fibaro Dimmer. However the Fibaro Dimmer be faulty. What are my other options? What would be the chep but best solution? Is there a smart E27 bulb that is dimmable that can connect directly to SmartThings? Otlr would I be better of using a dimmable wall plug? I want to avoid splicing wire for the time being so no inline solutions.

Different people have different needs, so there’s no one “best” answer. I’ve moved this to projects so you can get individualized responses based on your own preferences and requirements, such as not wanting to splice into wires.

First question, are you in the UK or the US? The device selection does vary so it does make a difference.

Second, I’m a little confused about your description of what happened with the Fibaro dimmer. What was the exact model number and what was the specific problem? A lot of people use those devices and they’re generally good. It’s always possible that you got a defective unit.

Regarding an E27 bulb that can connect directly to SmartThings, again it depends whether you’re in the US or the UK. The Sylvania/Osram bulbs work in both regions. The Cree works well and is available in the US and Canada. Belkin/Wemo also makes an E 27 bulb which works in both regions.

As far as pocket sockets (plug-ins), there are quite a few that work well with SmartThings. But again the selection is different for the US and the UK.

I am in the UK.

Yes I probably got a defective unit. Keeps marking Read Led and no attempts to make it “recalibrate” have worked,

Will this work? "Osram - OSRAM LED LIGHTIFY CLA A60 "

If so will it need a custom DTH?