Best/cheapest place to buy?

Hi all,

Been reading these forums for a good month or so and seems to be an exceptional community forum!

I’m looking to take the plunge in purchasing a hub/starter kit and wondering where you all sourced yours?

Cheapest I can find so far is the starter kit for £130 at CEX.

Could easily get a hub from the US for a greater selection of devices but that would be illegal to use…!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Leeh. For genuine Smartthings kit you are limited to either the Smartthings website or Currys. Occasionally both offer 25% discount sales. Second hand CEX or eBay. Bare in mind that once you have the hub you arent locked into buying Samsung things though. You can also use other manufacturers bits n bobs.

To be fair £139 isnt a lot to pay for the complete starter kit which is normally £199.


There are both US and UK retailers for home automation equipment listed in the Deals thread, but I think right now the only place you can get the UK smartthings hub is Curry’s or the official site. So not a lot of competition.

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Thanks for the quick replies @rednose66 and @JDRoberts!

I gathered as much! I’ve already got 10 hue bulbs, an Orvibo door sensor sitting waiting and several other things I’m interested in just from reading these forums (also have 4 x S20’s that I picked up for £4 each but a shame they won’t work with ST).

I guess buying a CEX voucher at 80% making the effective cost £104 is going to be the absolute best way in getting my SH started then!

Thanks again and may we cross paths again!