Best camera options for SmartThings integration

You can only view video from the officially supported cameras in the SmartThings app. None of them are POE. I wouldn’t make viewing from the app a priority. It will limit you to inferior cameras.

You can get pretty much anything viewable in Smarttiles. There are authentication issues getting the HIKVisions to stream in ST, but the stop motion feed is nearly as good.

I have a few of those HIKVision mini bullets. They are very good cameras. I’m using Surveillance station which integrates nicely with Smartthings.

I think others have Blue Iris integration working.

Today I read about these, but I can’t find them for sale.

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By Survailance Station, do you mean the QNAP software?

Blue Iris is a no go. It is Windows only and we have no Windows systems here. I have a few testing VMs but that is it. If codec translation is all that is needed I can do that with VLC on Linux.

It runs on the Synology diskstation NAS. I have two. One for file serving. The other for surveillance. I aslso have it copying the videos to azmazon cloud drive. You can set up bandwidth limits. . . Works well. The licenses can get expensive though.

QNAP calls it the same thing. That is kind of funny. Their per camera licenses are expensive also, so did not want to go that way.

I can understand. 16 cameras is serious business! I only have 4. I would have about 8, but I don’t feel like buying 4 more $50 licenses right now. I’m also trying to find on of those Huisun 2016 PTZ cameras. . . .

Here is something to try depending on your abilities…

Redirect video feeds to nvr then view all as single stream from nvr

Was there an update to this local storage feature? I sent a tweet to Blink asking about a possible date for the local storage feature. However I never got a response and I think all mentions of that seem to have been taken off their website.

I am running Ubiquity PoE with HikVision and streaming to the SmartThings android app using the “General Video Camera DT” ( [RELEASE] Generic Video Camera DeviceType, Yes, Live Video Streaming ).

SmartTiles / ActionTiles is weird with no RTSP support.

The Ubiquity / HikVision combo is really sweet and works awesome with the Synology NAS - NVR platform Surveillance Station.

This app and device handler will allow you to get motion alerts, etc. in ST from Surveillance Station.

Use the stop motion feed for Smarttiles. It works with the HIK’s.

What URL format did you use? I have tried several … see below…



See this post:

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Thanks for the help, I got Disk Station connect working about an hour ago. Its great to be able to use the cameras as motion sensors! Woot!

No problem. You should look at the change I made to the DiskstationConnect app. The cameras will get stuck motion on eventually unless you modify the code.

The runIn method is not reliable. You need to add an redundant runEvery5Minutes. . . My cameras have been working just fine since I made this change.

So are you talking about the runIn in the [CHILD DEVICE METHODS] Line 1119? I looks like I can just scoop out everything from line 1120 just after the comments all the way to 1160 just before the next comment. Am I on the right track?


Here’s a patch.

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Can you describe the difference between push/pull notifications? I am looking at getting the Foscam R2 and would like notifications with video or images when there is motion. Or to have the camera start recording when ST triggers an intrusion (motion or door sensor). Is this possible? Thanks

Push notifications are when the camera notifies ST of a motion event where as pull notifications are when ST asks the camera if there are any motion event notifications. Some foscam’s (SD cameras’s for e.g.) support push notifications where as others support pull notifications. The R2 currently supports pull but we’re working with the manufacturer to provide a firmware update to support push notifications. R2 camera requires additional tweaks for the ST platform and we’re in the process of working through them.

Thanks for the info. Based on your guide, I believe Foscam is what I want (rather than Blink). Do you have any recommendations for specific models of Foscam though? I was looking at either the C2 or R2, but ultimately just looking for something HD that integrates well with SmartThings.


We have found the FI9821 to be very capable/rounded camera with excellent integration


Hi I will appreciate if anybody can recommend me an outdoor camera with 2-way communication 1080P infrared, motion sensor triggering text/email without monthly fees and that record the clip in the cloud but not inside of the camera. Also interested in a door bell camera if possible. I will like to integrated to the Smart things system. Looks like maybe Ring can do this but I been reading bad reviews. What about nest outdoor cam? Anyone have experience with SkyBell. Should I wait for the Blink outdoor camera? Thanks in advance