Best Brand? Is it OK to mix and match?

Yes, as long as you also have a smartthings hub (which was also necessary for what I was describing).

When you use the Samsung smartThings home automation platform (any of the hub models), Each device that you buy has “capabilities.” That is, things that it can do, like a binary light switch can turn on or off While a multi level light switch Can dim through a range of values.

You set up the rules for which capabilities will be used at any one time as “automations” in your account. They aren’t stored in the device itself. So the smartthings platform Knows when the rule is supposed to apply and then sends the appropriate commands to the individual devices at that time.

So if you want a rule which only applies between sunset and sunrise, or a different rule which only applies on weekends, you can have that. And then the commands for that rule will only be sent based on restrictions you define as part of the rule. I hope that’s clear.

All of which means that any device which can be controlled by smartthings can be controlled by rules that you create. :sunglasses:

The following FAQ might also help (this is a clickable link)

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