Belkin Student Discount: WeMo WiFi Enabled Light Switch 4 for $100 + Free S/H

Folks with a student email address (.edu) can get 4 Wemo Switches for $100 or 3 plus a mouse pad for $70

Are these (the light switches) fully supported by Smartthings?

Tried searching and found a lot of reports of problems/issues (albeit in some posts that weren’t recent), and work-arounds, but didn’t find a clear “yes, fully supported/reliable” confirmation.


I’m not sure if they are officially supported but I have a Wemo switch that works great with ST.

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I had a couple WeMo paddle switches and finally gave up and replaced them with GE Z-wave. They worked fine with Alexa, but were more hit than miss in ST and even the native Wemo app. I tried moving them around the house, on the off chance it was a WiFi signal problem ( not that I have any WiF issues). Result was always the same, ST automations were hit/miss. Open WeMo app and more often than not it would say the switch could not be found ( or whatever it said). Tell Alexa to turn in off/on and get an immediate " Okay" and it would turn off/on.
I can NOT blame ST ,when even the WeMo app was completely unreliable.

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