Behavior of color lights connected directly to bridge?

Question: When a color light is directly connected to the SmartThings hub ZigBee channel, how does the color changing work?

I want to ditch my Hue Bridge, but it changes the light color as I drag around the color circle, while the SmartThings hub is a sequence of drag and release to register to color change. Is this due to the Hue bridge not having an API for streaming color changes, or is the SmartThings color changer that way regardless of the bridge? I’m hesitant to test this myself since it sounds spotty as to whether or not I could re-pair the bulb with the Hue bridge if it doesn’t work how I want.

Thats just the way ST mobile app works for all commands (color, level sliders, etc). The command doesn’t fire until you lift your finger. Being a cloud system, streaming commands would eat a lot of bandwidth for small effect. Personally, I’ve been disappointed by apps with streaming changes like Hue and Lightify, although Hue is by far the best out there. I can always see the steps; whereas in ST, I can program a nice transition once I pick a new color.

Hopefully ST can upgrade their color picker to give us a larger area to select from because it isn’t the best color selector I’ve seen either.