[beginner] which smart system? (components), mainly lights automation (sockets maybe too)


I’ll move to new flat in a week/two. however i’ll just rent it, so no big changes. i wanted to use BlackFriday deals to buy some ‘smart stuff’.
For now i used few LIFX bulbs (which uses WiFi).
In a new place - 3 bedrooms/living room/kitchen i’ll try to install smart lights at least in one 3 rooms. I want to control them mainly from voice assistant (and phone).

  1. Which assistant is better? Alexa has most devices, but Google is not far behind? I read In some reviews, that Google assistant is more sophisticated (can understand more, communication is more natural).
  2. continue with LIFX (and add more lights) ? or something with hub is better?
  3. are different hubs (phillips, samsung etc.) compatible with different devices? (not from the same manufacture). How does it look like ? is there a special app for that (every) hub to configure connected devices? (give them names, create groups etc.? - so i can use it thru voice assistant)

(maybe i’ll buy Philips hue kit+hub, or Samsung Smartthings is better ? and why ?)

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