Before I purchase Sharptools…

Can anyone tell me if this sort of automation is achievable within Sharptools? Because webcore is going away I’m going to have to look elsewhere, more annoying that I now need to pay for something when webcore is free. Note this is not a dig at Sharptools charging a fee, more that webcore is going away and it was free. :frowning:

I think it might work, but you can use the Rules without a subscription to try it out. You don’t get variables or HTTP requests without a subscription. I’ve been using SharpTools Rules for years without a subscription, although I just got one because of the end of Groovy.


Yeah I think I need the variables for this action/piston

I think it will work w/o variables. You should be able to try the free version.

The only thing thats weird trigger-wise is the “changed in the last two minutes”, but I think it will work in Sharptools using the below. @joshua_lyon @jamesguitar3

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From a trigger perspective, @Bry’s screenshot would trigger when either of his two trigger events occur and the ‘state stays’ one would mean the motion had stayed active for 2 minutes (it could also be used in an IF Condition, but again it would be something that was currently active and had been for at least the last 2 minutes rather than something that had been active any time in the last X minutes).

I don’t know if there’s a direct analog in SharpTools for ‘changed within X minutes’ without using variables, but our community has surprised me with tricks I didn’t expect before! :rofl:

If you’re new to SharpTools, you’ll automatically get 14 days of the premium trial. And if you already have an account, feel free to message us at and we can reset your trial. :slight_smile:


I missed the back door predicate in that example . . .

Give it a shot in SharpTools. There is also a great community there with a lot of people helping with complex rules.


Thank you for the offer. I’ll definitely take you up on that. My only concern is these contact devices I have set up somehow no longer work ( within Alexa ) when ST moves everything come Sep 30th

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