Before I do what I'm thinking of doing, should I do it? ST Factory Reset

Here’s my problem. My entire system has become pretty unstable, especially as it relates to my z-wave environment. It used to work great when I first installed everything around April/May. First my garage tilt sensor stopped working so I went through the process of removing, excluding and repairing. I was able to all of that and then re-pair it to ST but the tilt sensor still doesn’t register open or close. I did what JD suggested and did the pairing in the actual location of the garage - where it used to work. No joy. Now my front door Schlage stopped working. Again, I did everything to z-wave and got it re-paired just fine on the ST apps… But it doesn’t operate. When I click open/close, nothing happens. No errors, no nothing. I “think” all I’ll really have to reset is the motion sensors since all of my lights are Hue paired to that. Or am I wrong about that? Will I have to re-download the device handlers? Would love a little advice before I spend the next 10 hours doing all of this but I am too frustrated right now.

Look through your logs in the IDE first.

Deep breaths.

There’s always a root cause and learning finding it.


Thanks Bridaus - what I learned was that the command is indeed being issued to ST. I didn’t know about the live logging but it’s pretty helpful. Just for grins, I checked my tilt sensor too that I’ve been having problems with. That seems to work but the update in ST and app is delayed by minutes. Both the front door lock and the tilt sensor worked great at first but now both are wonky. I may be headed for a re-set after all :frowning:


Have you contacted support? They have tools on the back end to look at stuff. Have you done z-wave repairs? Have you moved the hub closer and then done a z-wave repair? Resetting the hub won’t help z-wave.

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Not contacted support but did everything else. The weird part is that everything was working without issues but now, nothing z-wave seems to work.

Definitely contact them. You may have a ghost device causing issues or something.

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One thing about weaker networks that sucks is sometimes it only takes one device to kill it.

The support advice is good. They are 90% helpful.

OK - I’ll give that a try. My network is the Google mesh w 4 Nodes. I think I have a pretty strong signal strength throughout my home. In fact, my ST hub (sitting right to my router) is only 20 feet from the front door (sitting right next to another node).

This has no impact on your z-wave network.


OK - that’s what I thought. The z-wave signal comes from the ST hub correct? I think that’s why I want to reset everything and just re-pair everything from scratch.

that is he source, but it is a mesh network, so devices can also connect through another device. This is why a z-wave repair is done after adding a new device, so the mesh can be optimized. Don’t reset anything until you contact support.

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I will. Thanks for the info everyone.

Move your hub away from your router. At least eight feet. Interference.

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Do you have an Echo? I’m having the same issues, all zwave problems that started when I updated the Alexa app. Now Alexa is all over every zwave device’s history polling it every 10 minutes. The timing makes me think it’s related.

I’ll try that! Thanks.

No but now that you mention it, I did install a Google home and now I wonder too…

I have Google Home and I have had no such issue. And I am currently on the BETA FW too.

Well I’ll be darned. I did what bridaus suggested but wen’t to the extreme. I moved it to another node entirely. Not only did this fix the front door z-wave issue but it also fixed my garage door issue too! Happy camper. Thanks everyone.