Beep Smart Things Arrival Sensor from Amazon Echo?

Hi, I often lose my keys. I wanted to find out if there is a way to setup the arrival sensor and an amazon echo so you can say something like ‘Alexa find my keys’ so that the arrival sensor key chain will start beeping.

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There is an app that can help you do that. Installation is not as easy as with some of the regular apps but there are great instructions;

I don’t have an arrival Sensor so I don’t know how the beep is triggered. If Ask Alexa by itself can not do it you may have to also install CoRE (search forum for “Core”).


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Sounds like a lot of work for a small beep :wink: But it can be done!

you can also use EchoSistant to help with this…

Use CoRE to cause the keys to beep… Make it voice activated by using EchoSistant…

Alexa, tell home I lost my keys again…
Oh my, hold on…

key chain beep beep beep