Beddit 2.0 Sleep tracker

Hi everyone,
Still been searching for a nice way to set one alarm (which wakes me up at the best time based on sleep tracking) and then trigger an action (open blind, dim up lights, disarm alarm etc). I used to use the fitbit which had sleep tracking, but wasn’t a fan of wearing something on my wrist when I sleep (plus sleeping is the best chance to charge all your mobile tech).

I have just purchased the Beddit 2.0

They have an API (but sadly I know nothing about developing) anyone interested in achieving the same thing (or perhaps pointing me in the right direction for integration, maybe via IFTTT ?)

Thanks anyone and everyone :wink:

Happy New Year


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Personally I am waiting to see how Eight (formerly Luna) ( is received. They have IFTTT integration .

Looking at Beddit, it definitely looks like it would be possible for someone to tap into the API to use with ST.
My only concern is that it says the API is free to all during the beta. It doesn’t say what happens after that.

Hopefully someone with a little more developer skill has one and decides it’s a worthwhile integration to investigate