Beating my brains in, am I trying to do the impossible? Virtual switch that opens a show

I have been on the phone all day with google and samsung. I want to create a virtual switch that will use alexa, google assistant or what ever will work to set up a way to click a button labeled with a show and it launches that show. This seems so simple but I cant figure out how to do it.

This allows me to turn on my bravia tv on a specific streaming service. So I know atleast that much is possible, but can it do it on my samsung smartthings? Could it go one step further and load the show

The ultimate goal os to create a sharptools tile and just click it to open different shows

Brand and model of the tv? Different models support different features.

Samsung Q80b

I paid $1300 for this TV specifically to be able to do this one function, if it cant then which can so I can get it instead? The samsung rep said all the 2022 TVs have smartthings and they all had the same features… guess not

I’m a little bit confused… How does this differ from your previous thread?

Because, as I said there, if you can use Alexa to launch a specific show by voice, then there is a method for putting that into a smartthings routine, so that you can start the process from a virtual switch.

But I don’t know if that specific tv model can use Alexa to launch individual shows or not.

Since I put a lot of details into the other thread, I’m not going to repeat all of that here, but look at the responses there, and see if they help at all. :thinking:


Sorry, but presently it can’t be done using any scenario, implementation or any combination of services, virtual switches, etc. It just cant

The post by jdroberts worked…

@JDRoberts I created a switch in ST like it says. I created the automation in alexa where if the switch is used it makes alexa turn on amazon prime. I tested the automation in alexa and it works. But when I use the switch in ST it doesnt run the automation. See pics to see what I have going on.

It says offline because im not at my house but when I am and everything is connected it doesnt work in ST