BeaconThings - Beacons and SmartThings

I still use Beecon+ , but unfortunately I can no longer recommend it since they dropped all of their support options except the FAQ on the website. :disappointed_relieved: It sounds like the developer has just moved on to other things.

I have noticed that too. It’s too bad as it’s a nice app. I just find that way too often it doesn’t process entering/exiting regions and if it does the URL calls are not consistent enough. Beacon Things seem’s much more stable but the problem (which I just tested too) is that it can’t track multiple people since it uses the same Device ID (BeaconThings-Major-Minor) regardless of who adds it so you wind up with multiple devices, different labels but duplicate device ID’s. So when I leave the house my Beacon Things shows all the beacons and the region go out of range, but in ST it changes the presence to away on 3 of 4 “my” virtual presence devices but the 4th and the Region change on my wife’s.

I know @obycode isn’t actively supporting this anymore so my only choice might be to write my own smart app to do beacon support.

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I haven’t had a problem with the URL calls from beecon + and I use it every day, but there are all kinds of things that can affect it. It works much better on my iPhone 7 than it did on my iPhone 6, for example.

I am running it on 2 iPhone 7+'s and it’s been really hit or miss. Both phones leave the house and only one fires off (I use a device endpoint URL for a virtual switch in ST) and sometimes it’s one device but not the other. I just started testing with it though on Friday so I have to watch it a little longer. But it seems my quest to have really good presence with beacons is looking less and less likely to be achieved.

If Beacon Things continues to work as well as it has so far, what I might have to do is just assign specific beacons to specific people to avoid the duplicate device issue ID problem.

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Is this still an option? I want to do something like this. My Pixel XL works fine with presence detection. My wifes S7 Edge randomly will say it’s home when we’re not and opens the garage door (scary right?) If I could add a second layer such as this beacon I think that would help prevent the spottiness of the Galaxy phone. If it is still possible could you give me a brief description of how it works. I got half way through this thread and still don’t quite understand… do you have to touch it like NFC or does it detect from a certain distance?


Are you asking about this specific app or I beacons in general?

This thread is about a specific app, called BeaconThings. But that app is not being supported much at the present time.

For general information about I beacons and how they might work with smartthings see the following thread (this is a clickable link)

For a discussion about using two devices to create more certainty in presence Detection, see the following:

And here’s the general FAQ on presence. You might actually want to start with that one.

As far as distance, that depends on the receiving station app that you are using. But the standard for Ibeacons defines three Detection distances: Immediate, which is within a few inches; Near, which is typically up to about 10 feet; and Far, which is typically up to about 30 feet. After that you are out of range. Moreover, it’s more complicated than that, and is already discussed in the first link that I gave you, so you can ask any follow up questions about the devices themselves there. :sunglasses:


Thanks so much appreciate your time. I’ll get reading now :smiley: I’m sure I’ll find a solution somewhere in here that fits my needs.

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I just got 2 Rad USB beacons, and I installed BeaconThings - but that app just registers my hub and then goes to a white screen. Nothing else. What am I doing wrong?


Hi Todd. You’re not doing anything wrong. BeaconThings is having the same authentication problem that SmartRules is having. SmartThings changed something last week with the authentication process, and now none of our apps can login. We are working with them to identify the problem and find a solution. SmartRules will definitely get priority, but I will also make any necessary changes to BeaconThings.


Just checking in on the progress of updating BeaconThings. I just got a beacon today was way too excited to get it working but of course also ran into the white screen.

Is there any progress to this? When i open the app, i can see the auth screen, but the “white” screen comes up and covers it right away.

Any updates? Seems this is not working anymore? I’m new to beacons and was looking at buying beacons to place in the bedroom as a presence sensor at night to activate nighttime routine. Should I wait for beaconThings to be fixed or are there other solutions?

Hi Brice, is there any plan to get BeaconThings working again? I just got few iBeacon and realized that I can not use them without your app.

There are other ways to use iBeacons with smartthings than with Beaconthings. Some of us were using beacons with smartthings before BeaconThings was written. :wink:

The following was the original method. I honestly don’t know if it still works or not as I haven’t used that one for about a year.

But really any presence detection app that you get that can do a webhook can use the IFTTT maker channel to integrate with SmartThings. A lot of people write their own which has reduced the market for more polished apps that do this and some of the older ones haven’t had updates for a year or so but they still work.

My favorite is still Beecon+ from beacon sandwich, which has a ton of home automation features, but I’m hesitant to recommend it these days since the developer has moved on to other things and you can no longer get any support if you can’t get it working. He just refers people to the website FAQ. But if you do have an iPhone 6 or newer, it should work fine, and I really do like it.

Geohopper is being kept up more, but you’ll have to buy two in app purchases to make it work with IFTTT: one to do web hooks and one to use I beacons other than the ones manufactured by Tucanoes.

If you’re a coder, radius networks has a free SDK that may be all you need.

So… if you’re not a coder, I do still think beecon plus is the easiest way to add Ibeacons to IFTTT, but it costs about $10 and if it doesn’t work, you’re going to be stuck because they no longer have active support. You would have to go back through Apple to get a refund.

Tucanoes’ geohopper has more active support, but fewer features.

If you’re a coder, you will probably want to roll your own.


Thanks for the elaborate response, that is very helpful.
I will try to go the Beacon+ or Geohopper route as I am (unfortunately) not a coder.

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Ok, so SmartRules got updated to squash “The terrible horrible login bug of 2017” in early June. Oby promised us in May that while

“SmartRules will definitely get priority,” …
“I will also make any necessary changes to BeaconThings.”

It’s September. Nothing? ETA? Communication?

Is this project dead? I downloaded the app. When I try to sign into SmartThings I get a white screen and the app goes no further.

I did notice in the app store the last release was a year ago.


Well if it’s anything like ObyThing (which has had a “Coming Soon!! Big Update in Progress” notice on the website since January 2015), I guess I’m not holding my breath. It would be so much more professional and considerate to just admit they dropped the ball than to make empty promises which never get kept.

The paid SmartRules app got repaired three months ago of the exact same problem.

Sorry folks. I desperately want to get updates out to BeaconThings and ObyThing. Unfortunately it has been a problem of time and resources. I’ll post in the community once one or both are back up and running.

For what it’s worth… I would gladly pay a subscription fee for this app, if that would garuntee timely updates. BeaconThings is super interesting and has major potential…

$1/month? $2/month? I’d be thrilled. Right now, the beacons (that I purchased through the affiliate link on the BeaconThings website, btw) are totally wasted.