BeaconThings - Beacons and SmartThings

Was just hoping since you can find them for basically free, and they do about the same thing, that they were just ibeacons that didn’t claim to be, like radio shack x10 stuff that didn’t claim to be x10 for years.

Anyone else having trouble with this app today? All of a sudden my beacons stopped updating. They were updating in the BeaconThings app but not ST. Finally deleted them all from both BT and ST, then readded. ST sees the new “sensors” but then they still only update in ST. I have even tried reauthorizing the app.

Oby - this app has so much potential for micro-location in ST. You could greatly expand to specific automations that just aren’t possible with room motion sensors.

You could partner with a beacon maker and bring this to the ST masses!

The one big limitation I see is the lack of multi user support. At least that’s why I’m unable to take advantage of this.

I know you had been working on this. Any thought on finishing it?

I have a ton of estimote beacons I’ve been trying to get to work with my smart home environment, but even the tasker app that used to work with them is broken and no one has coded anything to fix it. I’m really hoping that Smart Things can make these guys work for me, so much I want to do with these.

I have used them there very inconsistent with the BeaconThings app , I removed them from my system , the BeaconThings writer said they have had no time to update the application

The IFTTT maker channel is a good alternative for any IBeacon receiving station app that can send an HTTP request. Then just have it turn on or off a virtual presence switch in SmartThings and you should be all set. :sunglasses:

Or you could have the ibeacon app send the request directly to a smartthings Web services smart app, but that’s going to be more work to set up.

The BeaconSandwich FAQ has a good description of how IFTTT can be used with their app. The process would be the same for any other app that allows for writing http posts.

And I know you probably already have one, but just for people who don’t, here’s a SmartThings virtual device type for a virtual presence sensor which can be turned on and off as a switch and so works well with IFTTT.

Thanks jdroberts, but I’m an android user, none of those apps work for my
platform. Do you know of any others?

Any app that can use a Web hook can use it. It doesn’t have to be an iOS one.

Beaconsandwich’s app is iOS, but that’s just an example, the integration process is the same. :sunglasses:

That’s the problem, I can’t find an android beacon app that has a web hook
that works and is reliable. I’ve been trying to find one for tasker, but to
no avail, the only one out hasn’t worked for years.

Looks like there are a bunch of beacon manager apps for android now. The question is, what does beacon things do? So, trying to wrap my head around what it does and what I want it to do… Ok, so let’s say… to build this out… I have a beacon in my garage, I want to drive up to my house and have a Z Wave garage door opener open my garage door only when I am pulling into the driveway… Say… At the curb, sidewalk. I have my phone on me. What communication interaction needs to happen to trigger SmartThings to fire? IFTTT is available now on android. Is there a way to have a beacon manager do something that IFTTT is waiting for for it to talk to the smart things hub? Geofencing works by getting near or away from the house. What do we need to tell the beacon when we are close to make it run the command to open the door?

Check that app out and see if it gets us somewhere

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My apologies.

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Hi guys.

Anyone else had trouble discovering the beacons? I got a batch of 5 from Radius and BeaconThings doesn’t pick them up… any advice would be appreciated.


Make sure you either change the UUID of the beacons or the UUID in the app so that they match.


Thank you @obycode, worked a treat!

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Anyone got any pointers for transmit power for detecting presence withing 2-5 meters?

Am I right in thinking that range isn’t updated in the smartthings device that is added?



Thanks for the help yesterday @obycode. All the beacons are now in place, detected and appear as devices.

I am getting some odd behaviour in the smartthings app with the devices representing the beacons. For example, I am at work right now, miles away from home. BeaconThings rightly shows each beacon as “Not Present”, the devices in smartthings however are showing as “Present”. This was happening last night too when I set the transmit power to minimum, and sat a few meters out of range, the BeaconThings app rightly showed me as not present and the smartthings as present still.

Looking at the “Recently” activity feed, no new activity is really being shown past the last config within BeaconThings. Any thoughts on how to get these device handlers in smartthings unstuck?



@peastabrook curious how you plan to use the beacons. Are these meant to be micro presence sensors? What sort of automations do you have in mind?

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Hi @ultrazero, yep, I intend to use them as micro presence sensors so I can personalise automations in various rooms within the house.

At the moment I am struggling to bridge between what BeaconThings is reporting in terms of presence and what the smartthings devices it created are saying. May try tearing it down and setting it all back up again.