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Good point JD.

I know you’ve used other beacon apps (not specifically for ST); what has been your experience with using ranging when its running in the background? Has it worked as you’ve expected? Is it reliable?

I’ve gotten the best ranging performance from Beecon+ by Beacon Sandwich. That’s the one I used to set a trigger at the bottom of the wheelchair ramp at my front door. It has excellent custom ranging. It does require a more advanced Apple device. For example it works with the iPhone 5s, but not the 5C. We mostly use it with a mains-powered tablet, so we haven’t had to deal With battery issues. The app was designed from the beginning for home automation, so I suspect they spent a lot more time on ranging then some app designers do. For example, it comes set up to use the IFTTT maker channel. :sunglasses:

I was never able to get ranging to work at all with the Geohopper app. Most other apps were somewhere in between these two in terms of reliability.

(I should mention that the beacon sandwich documentation is nowhere as good as the app itself, but their support is very helpful if you can’t figure something out.)

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Just to keep the ranging conversation going and it’s fun to think about, here’s a use case I envision.

Put a beacon on my nightstand.

When I enter/leave the room during certain times do this. Turn lights on. Turn off the fan etc.

When I put my phone on the nightstand, do other things. Set night mode. Turn on a heated blanket, etc.

The possibilities are endless.

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BTW, while it’s not my favorite beacon, the Radius Networks “Dot” is designed as a wearable, and has been used as an event pass at some conferences. It’s cheap ($15 or so) and you can buy an optional wristband or key fob holder for it.

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Any update on multiple users aka 1.2?

Another option I am considering for beacons and geofencing in general is Launch center pro. This is an app that I have thought about getting in the past and just found out about the geofence and beacon support. They also have an IFTTT. Just so everyone knows what I was reading…

You can get to IFTTT with any beacon app that can POST an HTTP request, because then you can use the IFTTT maker channel.

Since This particular thread is specific to Beacon Things, let’s take follow-up discussion to the following topic:

Wish someone would put a watch face on these either digital or analogue will suffice. Wearing something that looks like a watch which isn’t, is pretty silly. :blush:

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“pretty silly” is VERY generous. at least tell me the time!

Haha. Need to keep this family friendly.
Joking aside I’ve been looking for a combined watch and beacon for some time and all I’ve seen are beacons like this which look like watches only. Would be great for children if there was something out there.

No updates yet. BeaconThings is still lower priority than SmartRules and obything. I’d love to get to this but we just haven’t had the time.

My next question is does this work with They have an optional security feature that shuffles the major and the minor. Would that feature throw off my actions? Thanks, I’m extremely new to smartthings!

I’m not familiar with, but if it is changing the major and minor, then BeaconThings will recognize it as a new beacon.

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Anyone else struggle getting Beaconthings to work on the iPad? The keyboard hiding the text field is one thing, but I cant get it to detect beacons. Had no issue on my iPhone 6s.

Yes I have had the same problem. I think the issue is that the app is designed for the aspect ratio of a phone and when running on an iPad the unregistered beacons don’t fit on the screen. It’s a UI issue but still makes it unusable on iPad :frowning:

Same issue here it’s is ok on iPhone 6 however it does flake out pretty often running beacon things. More often than not it will say present on beacon things and not present on ST AP, and vs versa.

Which model? IBeacon support was not present in the earliest versions of the iPad. I think they came in with iPad 3. I know my iPad 2 doesn’t support Ibeacons.

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As it is, BeaconThings is mostly just a proof of concept. That’s why I decided to make it available for free. There are a lot of things I’d like to do to improve it, but no time yet to do them :frowning2:.

I’m having a little bit of a problem. I built myself an ibeacon out of a Raspberry Pi and a bluetooth 4.0 usb dongle. I thought this might be a decent solution since I already have a Pi in almost every room for my multi-room audio. The UUID, major, minor, and power are all user adjustable. I’m able to see the ibeacon using Radius Network’s Locate Beacon app, but I don’t see it in BeaconThings. It doesn’t show under unregistered Beacons. I must be missing a step somewhere? Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Figured it out a little earlier. You must set your iBeacon UUID to the My BeaconThings UUID that’s in the settings page of the app. Also hcitool that is used on the Raspberry Pi needs the UUID to be entered in the XX XX XX XX…etc format instead of the 5 groupings separated by hyphens.

Oddly, now Locate Beacon no longer sees the piBeacon, but BeaconThings does. I also can’t seem to figure out how to set the tx power.

btw, I noticed the obything app isn’t available on the US Mac App store. Has this always been the case?