BE469NX Can't connect to Smartthings hub

I cannot figure out how to connect my BE469NX lock to Smartthings hub. I get to the part where it says “Remove the battery cover and push button”, however theirs no button underneath, nor a QR code. Lost. Please advise next steps please.

Schlage button on a keypad. It is in user manual

And if you need to factory reset

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(however theirs no button underneath, nor a QR code.) Thats for the be469zp

Schlage uses “button” where other people would say “Schlage logo.“ There is a logo on both the interior and exterior sides, and that’s what they are referring to by a button. :thinking:

You are supposed to push the logo on the outside keypad Whenever they have the little logo in their instructions, then enter the programming code as instructed, and you will see lights blink around the logo on the inside.


The QR code is only available on the ZP model, which is newer Z wave technology. ZP equals “Z wave plus“ in this case.

But the “button“ on the NX is just the Schlage logo, as noted in the user manual that I linked to above.

Be469zp yes for zwave plus , but thats my be469zp on the picture.
My other be469nx is the outside schlage button

Schlage button in the front

That Schlage logo is the button