BE468 and BE469 keypad differences

Does anybody here know enough about the previous version of the Schlage Connect deadbolt to know if I can replace the interior side and leave the older keypad in place? I want to upgrade my 468s to 469s to get the alarm but it would save me some hassle if I could leave the lock cylinder side in place so I don’t have to rekey the 469s to match my home keys. I might just try it, just curious if anybody knows. The board is on the interior and the pigtail from the keypad is the same. The only difference appears to be that the keypad lights up yellow instead of blue.

FWIW, It is super easy to rekey a lock, I did it myself after watching a few YouTube videos. Since you have the pins in your existing lock you can pull those out and use in the new one. I used a half inch round drill bit to hold the springs in place when you remove the lock cylinder out. This will make sense once you watch a video.

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Yes. I recall doing this once a decade and a half or so ago. As I’ve grown older, I’m more inclined to search for short cuts. :slight_smile:

I would ask Schlage support , they should be able to give you a definitive answer.

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