BBQ Guru CyberQ Temp Controller

Below is a link to the device handler I built for my BBQ Guru Cyber Q Temp controller. The device has 3 food temp probes, 1 cooker temp probe, and a fan controller for controlling the cooker temp

The device has a basic 1 way API. The device runs a small web server web server. There are 3 xml feeds that can be queried and settings are updated via http post. Currently updates have to be done manually via refresh.

My next step is to come up with a monitoring smart app that has alerts and figure out how to schedule polling of data updates. One of the challenges with this is the fact that it’ll only be turned on and connected when it’s in use. Otherwise it won’t be powered/connected

I’ll probably also look at writing a smartapp that can log the temps to a google sheet via IFTTT so I can track temps and analyze if necessary after the fact

Setup Screens
Need to enter ip address and port (default 80). I would recommend reserving an IP in your DHCP settings in your router.
The device doesn’t require a password by default, but if you set one up in the interface you can set your username and password here.
Cook/Food Names - if you want to rename your temp probes for a cook, you can rename them here

Cooker - Current Temp, probe/temp status, fan output and target cooker temp (slider and number)

Food Probes - Name, Probe status, current probe temp, target temp(slider and number)

I love my cyberQ! Any tips to using it? I’ll drop it on the phone when I get home.

Awesome work. Maybe the Geko’s pollster app could help you keep the Device updated:

You’ll have to install it from the IDE. First add the device type then go into my devices and add it there. Then you can go into the phone app and edit the settings. Currently, to get updates, you have to manually refresh it.

Pollster will probably work. I hadn’t looked at it in some time and wasn’t aware he added the watchdog code.

Agh. Was so interested in this, until I found that the controller is $410 on amazon. Ouch!

I tried a Bluetooth one once, had no reasonable range.

Yeah, I paid about 275 used for one on ebay. It was still more expensive then my Akorn Kamado that I got a deal on for 200

looks like I have to upgrade my partyQ to the cyberQ. I asked this question on the big green egg forum and it was crickets.

have you tried to log it to grovestreams? you can download to excel from there.

It’s a great controller and I have enjoyed using it with my BGE. I had integrated mine with another application but hadn’t considered using ST. I would like to use this to monitor temps during a long smoke while I am out and about.

I’m testing pollster now. I’ve been running it for about half an hour without issue. I just turned it off (it’s connected to a plug in module for now). I’ll turn it on later and confirm it still updates

Alerting will require a custom smartapp since I’m using custom attributes.

Hey Kevin - Thanks for taking the time to build the device handler for BBQ Guru. I copied your code and pasted it into a new device handler in the IDE. When I clicked save I got a java.lang.NullPointerException error. Is that expected?

I then created a new device and used this device handler. In the app, I added the ip of the BBQ guru and port (I don’t currently have a user name and password).

When I manually refresh in the app, I’m not seeing any updated data in the app.

Did I miss a necessary step. Thanks in advance for your guidance.

@kevintierney I’m getting the same results as andygr2. Are you still active on this and is your device still working? It’d be nice if it showed a line number for the null pointer exception :frowning:

@andygr2 I was able to get the thing working. The attributes (strings, numbers etc) at the top of the device type are required to be in quotes. After that smartthings starts providing some useful log output. I had to add the device thru the dev portal and then manually update the preferences in the same place with the ip info, username and pass(The android client kept insisting that I wasn’t filling out a required field derp.)

After that it was almost working but wanted me to manually update the network id to hex. The port 80 bit needs to be in the format 0050 and if your needing to translate your ip you can get that info either from the live log when updating the preferences or here:


I’m having issues with this. I get no return data from The Guru to ST, but I can change probe names and whatnot in ST and it shows up in the Guru. I tried to follow the instructions above, but I see nowhere to enter a hex version of the IP address. And it seems to be sending out data (from ST to Guru) just fine with a standard IP addy. Any ideas?

I get no output to my ST, just get –


Yup. I get the same as Rigging65

Just found this. Awesome work. I am going to use your DTH to create one for the Flameboss competing product.

I know this thread was from the Spring, but has anyone gotten this to work for the BBQGuru CyberQ? I still just get '–'s for all my outputs in ST…

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but as a long time BBQ’r new to Smartthings, this sparked my Interest.

From reading this thread, it seems like you are getting the same (or worse?) experience than the actual CyberQ app. What is the benefit of using ST’s vs just the CyberQ independantly? Are you guys triggering routines or something (Flash lights when pork hits temp?)

Not trying to be condescending, genuinely curious, as I dont always read between the line so well when looking at ST projects.

I’ve tried to make this work several times and, aside from getting the controller to link with the ST Hub, I’ve never gotten it to work for me…