Bayonet style Cree Connected bulb?

Hi everyone! I’m new here and finally making some use of my SmartThings hub I purchased a while back.

I have a vintage euro floor lamp plugged into a 240V to 120V converter and I was hoping to convert this over to something similar to a Cree Connected bulb… has anyone come across a similar color/light output bulb to the Cree Connected bulbs with a bayonet style connector? In this particular lamp the bulb is exposed so the shape of the bulb and diffusion is important.


What bulb shape are you looking for? I used a simple bayonet to thread adapter on my bulbs. You could use anything from cree to hue and they cost $5.00 USD each on Amazon.

Oh, I didn’t even realize that was available. Thats perfect as the bulb shape of the Cree Connected bulb will work just fine.

However wouldn’t the bulb have to 240V compatible as well since I have a converter at the outlet?


I am not an electrician, but if you like the lamp, you want want to just convert the plug to 110 and use the bayonet adapters or buy european led bulbs.