Battery reporting, still a problem in 2018

I’ve got a smartthings motion sensor that has reported being at 1% for the last 4 plus months and has been working fine, it’s starting to get annoying getting a notification from simple devices viewer and also smartthings device health every day about that one sensor but kinda interested in how long it lasts


See my last post on how 1% notifications work.


Well, less than 24h later, new batteries are completely drained. This is just ridiculous.

I would love to try out this piston myself but the import code no longer seems to be valid. Do you have an updated import code?

Plus 1 on this issue, over a week since one of my devices has run out of power with a remaining of 15%.
There was absolutely no warning until I went into the App to check after the latest firmware update that all the devices were working as before.
The Device Health Check is enabled but has no warning one it loses contact with the device, or the battery is getting low (within reason as commented above).
I’ve ended up creating a piston in WebCore to alert me when power gets low but even then, without knowing what percentage each device dies at, it’s not very accurate.
Time to start graphing the data, or better yet, pump all the data into Google Cloud and use it’s Machine Learning to alert me when a device’s battery is on its death bed. :man_shrugging: Think Big!