Battery powered thermostat? (2021)

Hi folks. Is the old GoControl still the go to ST thermostat for when you only have batteries? I’ve been finding them harder to find and the multitude of CT100/CT101 thermostats that I have appear to be only controllable through Alexa not SmartThings after the firmware updates.

That’s an excellent thermostat even today and is super feature rich. There are also some excellent Honeywell zwave thermostats like the T6 and T5 which are battery operated.

See this first post for a list of zwave thermostats compatible with SmartThings and have battery options

The CT-xxx do not support OTA updates. They are still working here (we have 6 of them setup in our labs). You may need to exclude and re pair them or press the black reset button which helps if the connection stability is lost.