Battery-powered switches and dimmer switches

There is now an official integration with smartthings and Lutron Caseta. These are wired switches that do not require a neutral. :sunglasses: However, you will need the Lutron smartbridge as this is a cloud to cloud integration.

There’s also a Leviton zigbee wall switch which does not require a neutral and is on the official “works for SmartThings” compatibility list, but I haven’t heard of anybody actually using one and it’s an expensive switch, around $85 each. But it is another option and it doesn’t require an additional bridge device.

If you were looking for a battery powered switch to communicate with a smart bulb or a micro relay at the ceiling fixture or to create a virtual three-way with another smart switch, see the following:

So there are now several different ways to address the issue of a switch box that doesn’t have a neutral. :sunglasses: