Battery Powered Simple Switch?

(Chris) #1


So I purchased a couple of GE Dimmer switches and successfully installed one. When I went to install the second, I found that my existing switch was one of the simple ‘loop’ style switches with no neutral.

In addition, there were no grounds wired to any of the 3 switches in the box…

So I started looking into the box and I saw some white wires but they are just passing through the box… So I am stuck with only 2 wires, no ground, and no neutral…

So I suppose my question is: Are there any battery powered ‘loop’ style z-wave switches that I could use?

I live in a condo so re-wiring is an unlikely scenario…

Thanks for the help.


(Chris) #2

And just as an fyi… the building is pretty new, built in 2008 so I’m really surprised by the lack of ground in the box…

(Chrisb) #3


It’s entirely possible that the white passing thru is a neutral, but I dunno if I’d want to risk cutting into it in case it isn’t.

As far as I know, there is no battery option. There is one GE dimmer switch that does NOT require neutral: 45612. It is only rated for incandescent bulbs. Depending on how many bulbs you are running on it, you may be able to do LEDs, but CFLs, even dimmables will not work with it.

(Chris) #4

@chrisb Assuming the white is a neutral, is it fine to take any neutral? I have a 45612 that I used in my other box that did have a ground, but will this one be okay without a ground?!? I wouldn’t think I would want to find out…

(Chrisb) #5

Yes and yes, though not using ground is not recommended.

The switch just needs any neutral because it’s always sending a little trickle of power out to run the radio of the switch. It doesn’t have to be the same neutral as the lioght.

And yes, a switch can operate just fine without ground, but of course it’s safer to have ground connected.

(Lucas) #6


Power from light switches are very common and easy for electricians to run with less wire :slight_smile: Unfortunately, it leaves you without a neutral in the gang box. For safety I would do like Chrisb said and use the 45612. NEVER assume white is neutral! They should have black tape or some marking of black on the white wire if its a power from light.