Battery Powered Replacement for Fibaro FGK101 to read DS18B20 probe?

Now that Fibaro has discontinued their FGK101 sensor, anyone know of an alternative battery powered Z wave device that can read a DS18B20 probe?

I know there are multiple mains powered devices that the probe can be attached to, typically micros like the Fibaro RGBW controller or the QUBINO Z-WAVE PLUS ON OFF THERMOSTAT MODULE ZMNHID3 which comes with its own probe.

And I know some people are using various boards, including Arduinos.

But in this case I’m specifically looking for something that’s battery-operated and very easy to setup.


(I’m having some vision issues and I can’t read the spec sheets very well right now.)

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We still have a few of the Fibaro FGK101 sensors available here. There’s no alternative to them that we know of but we’ll definitely keep it mind when specifying future products for Zooz and our partners!