Battery-powered Devices marked “offline” after hub power outage?

I have 3 battery powered temperature sensors connected to a hub, and a few days ago there was a power outage. After the power came back on, the hub came back online, but all three temperature sensors are listed as “OFFLINE” in the status column, and they aren’t updating the temperature. Is there something I need to do to reset everything after a power interruption?

No it’ll fix itself when the device sends the next event update in a few days. It’s likely a bug with the health service when the system reboots it may not have registered the last event sent.

It’s already been about two and a half days since power returned. Do you still think it will fix itself?

Is there a way to jumpstart that process?

Have you tried removing/ reinserting the battery on those devices to see if they reconnect?

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Removing and resetting the batteries did the trick. Thanks!

Will this happen every time the power goes out? I’ve only have my system for about a week or two so far.

It depends on the device. Some sleepy devices send battery updates anywhere from once a week to once a month to save battery. The quickest way as @jkp mentioned is to power down/up the device so forces a reinitialization.