Battery Operated switch to connect 2 wires?

I was wondering if there is a battery operated z-wave switch that will essentially turn on or off (connect or bridge 2 wires for ON).

Background: I have an older intercom box for my condo and it’s pretty proprietary to the building - so unfortunate. You push the DOOR button to buzz people into the main door. I took it apart and the circuit seems pretty simple - the DOOR button connects / bridges 2 wires to buzz and open the front door. I sometimes get locked out if in a rush. It would be nice if I can buzz myself back through the main entrance with my phone / smartthings.

Does anything like this exist? A battery operated z-wave switch to bridge and connect 2 wires?

I’m not aware of any battery operated relays but you use something like this rigged up to plug into a wall outlet…

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Few months ago I also had need for something like that, after tedious search and positing here I concluded that there are no battery operated wired switches or relays. I ended up using the relay @destructure00 posted above and managed to somehow get it powered. There some devices that will press a button for you, take look at Switchmate.

Thanks for the info!

Alternatively, you can try the WemoMaker - not battery operated but USB powered.