Battery Operated 3 Toggle Switch for wallmount or table top use (SmartenIT ZBWS3B) [DEPRECATED: STOPPED WORKING IN 2018]

Good question, for what it’s worth, mine are one in the same room with the hub and one one room over, so likely using it as the parent.

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Good question. I guess I’d have to mess with it and analyze the logs to figure that out for sure, but I don’t have very many powered (repeater-enabled) zigbee devices and one switch is about 15 feet from the hub. However, directly under the floor from that one in the basement is a powered v1 ST motion sensor so it could be routing through that.

Yea its a pain to determine all that. It may be best to just live with the extra click every now and then.

Well this is interesting…It looks like the presses are getting to ST. I bet it’s sending both when I press the switch for the second time.

I would like to thank you for all the time you put into this tutorial. I know i’m a little late to this game but I was hoping you might be able to help with me with a few problems.

The first was steps 14-16. I believe My Device Types may have been renamed to My Device Handlers, but I wasn’t sure because you referenced My Device Handlers previous in stop 7 so I wasn’t sure. Regardless I cannot find where to complete those steps.

Second in the current version I do not believe I can install the SmartApp unless the app recognized a comparable hardware already installed that will support the app.

Any help would be so so greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Smartthings has changed terminology from time to time. All of the following mean the same thing and they are all used in the forums.

Device type (DT)
Device type handler (DTH)
Device Handler (DH)

As for your second question, you can install the code for a smartapp or a device type handler regardless of whether you have any devices that will use it or not. Just make sure you were putting the code in to the right place. Device type handlers are installed into “my device handlers.”

Smartapps are installed into “my smartapps,” at least as of this writing.

The custom code F AQ covers the basic concepts, in case you want to review those:

I apologize for the novice sounding question. I’m embarrassed that the reason I couldn’t figure out Step 14 was because my web browser wasn’t opened wide enough because I had your tutorial taking up half the screen and the IDE setup on the other. The location section was hid as a result.

I however am still a little stuck at the SmartApp. I was able to install the SmartApp via the IDE and I went though the simulator settings of the app from the IDE and set each button to a corresponding light.

The mobile app sees the switch as a thing and recognizes each button press as open or closed. I installed the App via the IDE and it shows up under My Apps, but I cannot associate it with the switch in things. It just sticks with No Installed SmartApps.

Is there any advice you can give me?

I very much appreciate your time.

If you set the settings in the simulator, they’ll only work in the simulator, not in real life.

Which smart app are you using?

If you use the button controller smart app as I recommend in post one, you don’t need to install it through the IDE.

Instead, you will install it from inside the official SmartThings mobile app.

One) open the mobile app

Two) select the marketplace icon at the bottom right

Three) tap on the smart apps tab at the top right of the screen. This will display a list of available smart apps that do not have to be installed through the IDE.

Four) scroll down until you get to the “more” section and tap that.

Five) you should see the button controller smart app there. Just select it and follow the installation wizard to set up the smartenIT 3 toggle

If you’re using a different button controller app (there are several) then you might have to install that one through the IDE. Then you would need to follow the instructions in the custom code FAQ.

Thats actually the trouble I had originally. When I hit next it won’t actually let my proceed. I get that error.

Did the three toggle show up in your things list?

The way you phrased your original question I thought you were talking about something else.

You don’t need to “publish” any smart app which is listed in the marketplace section. These have already been published by SmartThings. So when you choose a smart app from the marketplace, you go immediately into its set up wizard, there’s no publication step.

The error you’re seeing is because for whatever reason it’s not finding a button controller in your things list. So it’s not letting you complete the set up rather than not letting you publish it.

That means the problem is with the join or the device type handler, not the smart app. So it’s in one of the earlier steps.

I will maybe restart and try it from the beginning once more. And I hope you didn’t insinuate that I meant you should have understood my phrasing originally. I meant no offense. The error confused me and so I thought you had meant I needed to install the smart app through the IDE as a work around.

I’ll keep playing with it. Seriously thank you for giving me any of your time, you’ve been more than kind!

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No problem, that kind of miscommunication happens all the time. :sunglasses:

You may need to reset the device to factory specs before you start again. Instruction should be in the user guide that came with it.

Thanks for understanding.

I reset deleted everything through the IDE and then reset the switch to factory. Went through the process two more times. Still getting that same error when installing the smart app. It’s so strange. Do you happen to have any other suggestions?

Before even going to install the smart app, make sure that the device is showing up in your things list. Is it?

If it does show up in your things list, then check to see if the smartlighting feature recognizes it as a button controller.

Yes it is showing up as a thing. It even shows the 3 circuits as open or closed. But the Smartlighting does not see it as a switch either.

It won’t show up as a switch in smart lighting. ( neither does a minimote.)The question is whether it will show up as a button controller.

In smartlighting, pick a light that you want to have come on.

Then in the next step where you say how you want the light to be controlled, say button press.

That should then let you select from a list of button controllers, including the three toggle.

This is what I get. So I guess it’s just seeing the “Thing” as something complete different. Even though hone I press the remotes buttons the app shows then being pressed in real time.

Weird huh?!

That’s definitely weird.

Do you happen to have a minimote? (That’s the only button controller that’s officially supported)

Otherwise you’re going to need somebody to look at the button controller device type handler and I can’t do that because I rely on text to speech so I can’t read the code.

I do not. But if it will help I can order it.

First let’s see if we can get somebody to look at the code. Can you go ahead and post here exactly the code that you copied into the device type handler?