Battery: Goes from 70% to 1% First Alert 2-in-1 Z-Wave Smoke Detector

Does anyone else have this problem?

It seems battery status goes from 70% and then is not updated until it is 1% and then the alarm is chirping.

And even then smart things was showing 70% until the test button is pushed and then showed 1%.

This is a problem for me, because rather than providing me with advance notice so that I can plan on changing batteries, I get a call at work from a family member stating that something somewhere in the house is chirping.

It is harder to replace batteries remotely, I am at work, I cannot physically replace batteries when I am not home.

If I knew the night before I would have replaced the batteries then before a family member is calling me up at work after the battery is dead.

How long does it take for your batteries to run down?


That is a great question and I do not remember. But looking at my Amazon purchases I purchased one in 2/2015.

I have replaced batteries at least once before. So if you divide 16 months by 2 I am getting 8 months for batteries.

Does that sound normal?

Again I do not remember, I think the previous time I replaced batteries it was both smoke detectors.

Alternatively it is possible that the first smoke detector I bought was in store from lowes prior to this.

If this is true then this unit is new and I am in fact getting 18 months of live for the batteries.

Maybe I am buying bad batteries? They show 100% when I place them into the smoke detectors.

I have 2 detectors, I replace batteries in them at the same time, and they both go to 1% almost at the same time both times.

Only one starts chirping, but when I click on the test button on the unit that has not started chirping, it then shows in the smartthings app 1% instead of 70% that it showed before I clicked in the test button.

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Thanks for the link. Reading through now

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Most fire departments recommend you change the batteries in your smoke detectors with every start and end of daylight savings time. Some might argue that’s overkill. But if your smoke detector batteries die, the potential consequences are obviously far greater than if the batteries in your tv remote die. You can still use those batteries you change out for non-essential devices (e.g. your tv remote).

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But one of the reasons we invest in “smart devices” is for their … skills.

A basic skill of a smart smoke detector is to give us advance warning of low battery.

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it’s kinda like you have to replace the Zcombo’s when they hit 70%. I’ve only changed one, and it started beeping at some stupidly-high level like 70%. So that’s how you know when to change. It’s not going to get better.

Agreed. But in the case of a smoke detector it makes sense to change the batteries well before they’re anything close to low anyway.

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