Batteries with starter kit

Hi i got the starter kit and was confused with what the batteries are for that come with it. any help would be appreciated

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Batteries install on the bottom of your hub. They provide backup power in case of power loss.

Thank you very much!!! probably should have looked better! also very interesting to know but it does lead me to ask if you did have power failure, you would not have acess to internet so how could you control your devices?

Some logic responses and routines run locally. The bats are for these rather than cloud stuff

Thanks for your help,
I can imagine also in the future and after many upgrades you will also be able to connect to your smart hub locally (through a smartphone) rather than through the internet.

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I didn’t use the batteries on the remote unit in my parents empty house… I use them at home… there I actually put a wifi (not smartthings integrated) power switch in case the hub gets fubared and I want to remotely reboot it… With the batteries that makes it impossible.

To the best of my knowledge this has never been announced as being on any feature timeline for any SmartThings version. I wouldn’t count on it. :wink: