Batteries die in freezer using Multipurpose Sensor

Absolutely. I installed one in my kitchen freezer at this date/time: (from the IDE)

Date Created 2016-04-05 7:04 PM EDT

I just replaced the battery a month or 2 ago.

FYI @David9723

Got a link to these? Think I found them but wanted to be sure looks like they have a larger battery.

For the Iris or Visonic sensor?

Yes for The sensor.

Is this the one? They are on sale at lows at the moment.

Yup, that’s the one. Not a bad price either.

Thanks for the info but the spec sheet shows

Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C

Maybe it last longer because it has a larger battery?

I’m finding the new SmartThings multi-purpose sensors have poor battery life in general. One in refrigerator at 35F only lasts a month or so. New one in my pantry dog food container lasts about 2 months. The older SmartThings multi sensor on my metal garage door lasts many months (through winters in 0F range and summers 90F). Need to make / look for a WebCoRE piston to track my batteries, Between these new sensors and Arlo cameras, seems like I’m changing batteries every week :frowning:

Soldering an external 2 AA battery holder (3 Volts) worked for me. Thank you for the advice!

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