Bathroom presence solved? GoControl/Linear/Nortek CES 2016 Zwave Products

So far GoControl (Formerly branded Linear, owned by Nortek) has announced two sets of new z-wave plus products for CES 2016.

First up are water related items:
GoControl Smart Irrigation Controller
15 zones of 24vac irrigation control

GoControl Smart Flood Detector
Seems to be able to detect variable amounts of water — more configurable than standard flood sensors?

GoControl Smart Flow Detector
Detects flow thru pipes. This is going to be useful for a number of applications in which people are looking for shower => fan on/lights stay on in those ever tricky bathroom presence situations as well as significant pipe leak detection without deploying sensors all around the house. Caution should be used to rely on it absolutely — A 1CC/10min leak knocked out the drywall and carpet in a vacation home I manage once, but this can now be solved with remote whole home valve controls. =)

Second Up are an upgraded line of sensors

GoControl Smart Micro 4-in-1
Hope this competes favorably with the aeon labs sensors.

GoControl Smart Micro Motion

GoControl Glass Break Sensor
Detects “thuds” and then listens for breaking glass. Will be interesting to see if this is practical in the real world… but testing each location would be expensive. :wink:

I’d expect and hope for a new line of zwave plus switches and dimmers to come. Will be interesting to see if they address the need for affordable decorator/inwall style button controllers as well.

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I was waiting for some follow up news on the smart flow sensor but it’s been all quiet. Must be another one of those products that never see the light of day.

It’s been a week. CES is often a showcase of incomplete products. With zwave at least, the certification database is typically updated a month or two before the retail item ships. So. The wait begins.