Bathroom motorized blinds

Thanks for taking the time for looking into this.
Here what I’m trying to do:
I have a motion sensor in bathroom and motorized blind.

If the motion is active, lower blind.
If motion is inactive, wait 15 minutes then move up.

I’m using a latching and the wait 15 minutes is not working.

This is common error when using wait, make sure to add the tasks in same group. After you add the Turn On, scroll down and add the next task, repeat for following tasks.

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Ahhh stupid of me. I totally forgot about this.
Thanks and sorry for the repeated solution !

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Seems like when the lux is read on the aeon sensor, the 15 minutes restarts.
What would be the fix or workaround for this?

Thanks again!

Enable the “only execute on piston state change” option.

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Again that did it.
I got to keep those things in minds when the conditions and interactions are a bit more complex.
Cheers again :slight_smile: