Bathroom lights randomly turning on despite complete deletion & readding

can you post a screenshot? Just to check… power is not being cut to the bulbs by any switches?

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Shot in the dark here, but is there anything else close by that is using wireless radio waves like maybe a baby monitor that might be causing some interference. Motion activated camera?

Unfortunately not possible for Zigbee devices. Each has a unique ID assigned by the manufacturer, which, in most cases is a good thing as it is what allows the device to reconnect when it temporary only loses connection without you having to rebuild all your automations. But in any case it is a permanent ID and cannot be changed later.

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Definitely not. There is no switch. Lights are hardwired and have been working fine for 4 years since that extension was built.

Nothing new in that room. We did recently switch Wi-Fi mesh networks from Google to Deco. But could that interference really sent commands like “Dimmer 44%”?

Edit: Wi-Fi channels are -

2.4 GHz - Channel 3
5 GHz - Channel 40

Well, frustratingly I had to replace the lights. Same model. The issue stopped happening. I’m betting it was the “No worries while away” continuing to operate those lights despite being uninstalled. Is there any way to flag this thread to the developers? Email support is beyond atrocious and - do - not - get - it.

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