Bathroom LED Strip

My next project will be adding some LED Strips in the bathroom as a night light on motion.
The Strip will stay on the same color (I’m wanting red), and I do not want anything too expensive - Price is a big factor.

Also, I’m wanting to find a good motion sensor that doesn’t look weird in a bathroom. Essentially wanting something that looks nice and doesn’t look like a camera.

Any thoughts?

Osram lightify strip is about $65.00

Sylvania 73795 LIGHTIFY Smart Connected Lighting LED Flexible Strip RGBW

The enerwave ceiling mounted sensor or the Aeon labs multisensor 6 with recessed mount look the best and most unnoticeable to me. The iris second green motion is tiny and is made to for in s corner.

Enerwave in my br

Aeon (I don’t have a recessed mount yet)

Aeon with recessed mount picture from

Iris 2nd gen

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My thoughts on motions.
I have the following
Iris gen 2, small, inexpensive, 30 second timeout, blinks green on motion, corner mountable.
Fibaro, expensive very nice, very adjustable with the correct dth, easy to point, includes lux.
ST gen 2, 15 second time out, huge by current standards.
ST gen 3, 15 second time out, probably the least camera like of the lot.
Aeon v1 multi, eol, USB power option, much better options available currently.

Philips hue 2m led strip and ST 3rd gen. Works really great in my bathroom.


I have been looking to do similar.

I was looking at the dresden elektronik LED ZigBee strip controller. It is more ‘open source’ than the Hue or Philips so you can use just about any LED strip with them rather than the official brand ones. Amazon has it for ~$75 with a 3m strip or ~$55 with just the controller.

I had thought about
Using a raspberry pi or arduino, but by the time it was all done it was a lot of parts and integration. The $55 controller would be about the same price or less
Using an outlet controller and a power supply for just the single channel of the lights I wanted (was thinking red at night), but then I thought about getting a little more fancy and having dim-ability, and maybe doing/using some weather indication during ‘getting ready’ time in the morning -blue for cold, red for warm, etc.

If you can find a way to tie the weather into this please let me know. Ive been wanting to do this for a LONG time now. I dont know what smartapp has a forecast variable that can be “polled” for this to work. I was going to try to setup something based on motion, similar to:

LED string is normal color until motion is detected
Changes the color to depict forecast for the day (Red=hot, Yellow=warm, Blue=cold, storm=well, stormy) for a short period of time (5-10 sec)
Return to normal color.
Runs once per motion/hour, between a certain time in the morning

My wife doesnt like the fancy colors I have under the cabinet, but a on/off change of color would suffice her.

While preparing to do an app request, I found this:

Im gonna play with it tonight and see whats what!

If price is a big factor and you only want one color, you could get nonnetworked LED strips and just plug them into an inexpensive networked pocket socket. It would probably be less than half the cost of any networked color changing LED.

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These LEDs are inexpensive:
plug them into this or something similar:

And use your choice of motion sensor posted by @schapper05

I’d go cheaper.

You can get a single color (not RGBW) waterproof LED strip already wired to a 110v plug for around $15, sometimes less.

And if you get a single color LED, you know it will come on to the correct color when you trigger the outlet. :sunglasses:

(Also note that most dimmer modules won’t work with LEDs. If you want dimming and color changes, then I would go with the networked strips like Osram instead. If you just want red lights that come on with motion, then I think the nonnetworked LEDs can save you some money. )


^ Agreed and a very nice looking product!

I merely linked a few products to kick start his search. Not knowing the length requirement or placement vs plug location is a tough one to suggest certain products. “How clean of an install do you want?” and “Any ideas for future integration/uses with this install?” were a couple questions that came to mind.

If they can be dual purposed, that would save money in the long run. Buying a single colored strip for night time use only, could turn into a warm/cool white light during the day, dimmed in the evening hours, and only red at night triggered by motion and Rule Machine. Further incorporation with the weather notification could be done as well.

Just trying to point out that if you buy something that ‘could’ have more than one use, its better to buy once and spend a few dollars more, than buy twice at a much higher cost. But I digress.

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I was thinking that, but I wanted to see if the community had any advice.

Oops. Should have answered this…
The lights will go under a cabinet 4ft wide. Power is a slight issue, but not too much as there is a nearby plug and I could just use an extension cord. It doesn’t have to be that clean, just as long as it works. The only thing I could come up with is as a nightlight.

Some people would use color changing ones for notifications as well. For example, you’re taking a shower, somebody rings the doorbell, the LED starts blinking blue. Or the baby wakes up. Stuff like that. Some people will find a use for it, some won’t.

At my house, I tend to plan for the immediate practical need. For one thing, I have a fairly limited budget. So, for example, the path lights I have outside aren’t networked at all. And I have some closet lights that are not networked at all. All I needed was a light to come on with motion when it was dark, and those work fine for that purpose. But other people like to keep options open. Your choice.:sunglasses:


Pretty much all devices look weird in bathroom! :wink:

Not really. My echo dot and aeon minimote look right at home.