Basiczbr3 anyone using them?

Hey guys,

Just got some Sonoff basiczbr3 (the Zigbee ones) is anyone using this?

Are they stable connecting to the Smartthings hub?
Did you use Tasmota or native firmware?
Any special tricks to getting them paid, specific device handlers?

Thanks all

I am using it for a month or so.
It seems stable to me.
I am using native firmware.

I didn’t understand your last question.
I think you are asking about the pairing process.
ST recognizes it automatically. No need of custom device handlers.

Awesome! Thank you for that.

Last question, yes that’s what I wanted to make sure of, thanks!

Did you come from the old Sonoff basic
Are they quicker?
Do they show up in Alexa?

Thanks again!

No, I don’t have any sonoff basic.
I have preference for zigbee devices.
It also seems fast enough to me.
I don’t use Alexa, so I can help you with that question.

Thanks for letting me know Wes!

Appreciate it mate :slight_smile:

I just have to install and test it. Would be interesting to see what the speed is like.