Basic Tesla Integration

Thanks for the response @bthrock. I just found it actually and started reading up on your setup. Thanks for putting the sample pistons together. I plan on trying your implementation too since I love the idea of using webcore. Does your setup integrate or feed into the SmartApp that @trentfoley was illustrating on post 50 by chance? Thanks again!

I haven’t integrated it with the SmartApp, no. All my work to date has been in webCoRE. If I have time, maybe I’ll take a look at the app.

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Thank you @bthrock! Really appreciate the time and guidance if you can. Maybe @trentfoley or @Jeremy_Roesch provide some insight as well. Thanks!

This integration works really well on my M3. I’ve seen a few people asking for degrees Celsius to be displayed and I have the same requirement. I’m no Groovy programmer but modifying the lines shown in the picture below has worked for me. One issue I have is that the presence sensor has never worked for me. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this? It never shows present.

Is it possible to change to code for the presence for cars without homelink? I’m trying to make it so that you can set your Lat and Long for your house then if the car is there it will say you are present. Anyone know how to do that?