Basic questions about Smartthings hub, edge and sensors (exporting sensor data for review?)

Thanks a lot! Now I now what the situation is with regard to Edge.

You may need a “more than casual home automation” platform. Most people just want an easy way to turn lights on and off. Ask their TV to change channels, etc.

If you want to do fancier things with the actual data collected, Hubitat may be a better option.

Its not. The SmartThings app has over 500M downloads on Android alone (mostly because Samsung TV and stove purchasers needed it, but thats beside the point). I bet you’d be lucky to find 200 users that actually care about data collection downloads. Sure, if ST offered it people may use it (or have prettier graphs on their dashboards, etc) but its just not something most home automation people would need at this level. SmartThings is the Eero of home automation. Its just supposed to be simple, plug the hub in, add some devices and you can have Alexa control Zwave outlets.

Home Assistant, different class of users all together.

Well, when the feature is not there, we don’t really know how many would use it. But well, we simply don’t know. I hope that this feature will be available in the future, since the data is already there. I certainly would like to have access to the data and in that sense ST has been a disappointment. But I’m willing to give it another try.

You could say that about anything that people might wish for.

“Would you use easy export of data of any collected data point for 7 days?” If its free, most people would say sure because it cost them nothing. If you put a price on it (even $1/month) that curve goes way way down.

You should invest your time in ST based on what it does today, not on what you wish it might do in the future. Figure out what your requirements are and make sure they match on features now.

Logging energy use has been a popular topic in the forum for years, but it’s true that most of the people here are power users. For example, the old thread on using Google sheets charts with smartthings data has had over 17,000 views.

On top of that, smartthings actually does provide a “service“ in the official features for tracking energy usage, it’s just that it only works with a few devices. Designed primarily to work with Samsung appliances. But there’s definitely consumer demand.

They don’t offer a similar official function for temperatures, but there have certainly been forum users who did something similar in the past.

I just don’t know of anything using the new architecture yet. :thinking:

Here are the old entries on the quick browse lists for logging… You might check those threads and see if anybody’s talking about something for the new architecture yet.

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Over how many years? Views don’t really mean unique users. Same people commenting are the participants. I take your point though.

To refine my statement, “I bet you’d be lucky to find 200 users that actually care about data collection downloads enough to pay for it.”

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I believe @Automated_House has investigated some data logging options that would work with the new platform. He may be able to say more. :sunglasses:

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There is a third party application called Constant Graph that might interest you. I have an account but I have not utilized it.


Thank you for pointing that out.

There are indeed all kinds of things proposed but there is the following problem:

In order to complete a relatively simple task, i.e. to obtain the data already gathered and stored by ST, one needs to:

  1. Browse through endless threads of user discussions and dead ends (because the solution might already be obsolete etc.)

  2. Have very high technical skills and time to investigate the problem

  3. Go for a solution by a third party of whom you may not be able to know anything. Even of it is just about temperature data, I would not want to give it to anyone. It may, for example, reveal sensitive information such as when a location is inhabitet and when not. The third party might utilize it for dubious purposes or some fourth parties might have access to the data due to some security shortcomings.

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I did invest time and the marketing jargon by ST led me to believe that it would be an easy and user-friendly “ecosystem”. When data is collected and stored, it is a very basic assumption that you can also use the data. Using it requires you to have it. can view the data in the app for my temperatures, it even gives nice graphs for minutes, hours and days. Daily values go back 30 days in the graph (!). But I can’t get the data to store it and analyze it myself. That should not be so difficult to do. I hope your doubts about this feature do not reflect ST’s official position.

I repeat what I said: simple download option would suffice, no longer timespan needed.

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