Basement New Build

Hey folks, I’d like to build a hardware wish list for my basement finishing project. I’ve got a smattering of different devices on my main floor, and I’d like to be a little more consistent in the basement. Some specs:

2200 square feet
2 bedrooms, one bathroom, a storage room, mechanical room, a study, a rec space / bar / TV room
Forced air HVAC is controlled by ecobee.
The hydronic radiant heated concrete slab just has a dumb tekmar thermostat presently.

The mechanical room has all my network and home automation gear

Its all open space right now, so I have the opportunity to do this properly.

My communications preference has shaken out like most, I would expect: wired > Z-wave > Zigbee > WiFi. Smartthings is of course my platform.

I’ve looked at things like the aeotec multisensors, but if there’s other options, I ought to evaluate them. I’d like as much instrumentation and control in each room as possible (while staying married, of course :wink:)

I’d love to hear your ideas for what products to look at. Thanks in advance

What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

Also, will the basement have its own smartthings hub are you going to add it to an existing hub elsewhere in the home?

My two cents…wall mounted Amazon Fire HD tablets running ActionTiles to monitor/control things.



I can’t think of any reason to get an additional hub - what requirement or limitation are you thinking of?

It can be really difficult to get signal in and out of basements and garages. Lots of cement, frequently large metal objects, water pipes running through the ceiling… Also with above ground floors some signal often goes out one window and comes in another on the next floor, although people don’t realize that that happens. But it obviously doesn’t happen in a basement. So just lots of different factors. You’ll see a number of comments in the forums from people who had trouble.

If it’s just a couple of devices, often the easiest thing is to use a lightbulb on the stairs which could act as a repeater, but that may not be enough for the kind of layout that you’re talking about. But you could always add one later if it turned out to be necessary, I just wondered if that was part of the initial plan. :sunglasses:

Ah, ok. my hub is actually already in my mechanical room in the basement, so, shouldn’t be a problem there. My mesh(es) seem pretty strong - plenty of repeaters for both protocols

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