Baseball Field LIghts

(Stubro) #1

I am looking to see if we an put a control switch on a set of baseball field lights. We have a city requirement around making sure the lights go off at a certain time. Any thoughts on if there is a switch would work best for this task? Not sure if it would require a more robust switch. If so are there options?

(Aaron) #2

What is the total load you would be switching? How are the lights controlled now? If the load is higher than the rating of typical z-wave switches, what you could do is use the z-wave switch to control a relay or relays with appropriate load capability that would be connected to the lights.


Also, how strict is the time requirement? SmartThing is not intended for absolutely precise timing. If “by 10 pm” has to mean between 9:59:01 and 9:59:59, I wouldn’t use SmartThings (or any cloud based system) for this.

(Stubro) #4

The timing is not to the millisecond strict but should be close. We just need to make sure the lights are not on all night or we get fined by the city. I will find out the load on the lights to see if we need a relay. Any recommendations on relays?

(Aaron) #5

@stubro, the electrician responsible for the facility should probably be the one to spec the relays, if needed. Depending on how the lights are controlled now, there may already be relays there in boxes on the poles. In any case, I would think pretty much any z-wave switch could handle the load of the relay coils.