Bali roller shades from

I’m wondering if SmartThings supports Bali roller shades from

Bali shades are just special consumer branding of Springs Window Fashion shades… Which are supported… I personally have 10 of the Graber branded ones I bought from ZebraBlinds.

Now that said. The reason there are separate brands is each seller chooses thier support model. Bali isnt supported by the retailer - they are ‘supported’ by Bali themselves. Which has been an issue.

There is a known issue with these blinds with firmware below 11.3 (maybe 11.2) where the blind ‘stalls’ when you send it commands. It has been fixed in current firmware (somewhere in the 12.x range) for more than a year.

Search this forum you will see user after user with Bali branded blinds asking for people to share the firmware because Bali claims not to know anything about the issue. Also, because Bali is the big box consumer brand and they’re not made to order, you have no idea how long they sat on the shelf… So, odds are blinds from Costco will have the firmware issue.

The important part is, nobody but Bali can/should get you the firmware. (applying incorrect firmware can brick tour device) so if you plan to buy them from Costco - make sure you have a handle on the issue BEFORE you buy them… Or buy from someone else, like ZebraBlinds (who does support the blinds they sell)

@nathancu This is really good to know. Thank you so much!

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