Bad status updates and presence on Android

I am going to say this is the problem. Cyanogenmod IMO is one of the worst “custom” roms out there. I’d be interested to see if you put another ROM, like Paranoid Android, on there, if it made any difference.

I’m betting it would.

Also a quick google search returned many results with oneplus having GPS issues across the board.

Fixing GPS OnePlus One
OnePlus One GPS Issue
GPS Issue

I put these here to hopefully help you. It seems like aGPS does not work very well at all. Are you on “Battery Saving” mode for GPS? If so turn it on high accuracy and see if it gets better. From what i have read “Battery Saving” mode is basically useless on the OnePlus One. They will need to fix it with a software update.

Its on high accuracy. I have moved over to my 5s to see if that make any difference.

How about the presence senor from ST. From the Amazon reviews, it look like a lot of issues. Anyone have reviews or feedback on it?

I haven’t had any issues with mine, when i used it. I don’t use it anymore so idk about current time but 4-6 months ago it worked great.

@mattalter I use ST sensor, and it seems to work fine for me. Although I have it tied in with Life360 to assure that there are no mistakes.

Even with the beta firmware and updated android app, the things page still does show the correct status of my lights.

These are tcp bulbs.

Thats probably the problem. My Jasco and Hue bulbs report perfectly. Is there a refresh button? If so you can use the pollster app to refresh them every once in a while. That will probably help.

I assume this is a limitation of the current isntallation of TCP Bulbs

Thanks for the pollster app info. I have installed it so see if that help.