Bad message ("Body is 106 bytes") from Sonos devices?


I have seen a number of “Body is 106 bytes” messages in my in-app event viewer. Finally looked at the hub logs in the web console and see that they are from a Sonos bridge. Search turns up nothing – is anyone knowledgable on the Sonos device implementation that can tell me what this might be? From the event detail, it looks like it might be a “null” message (is this what ST is receiving via api call from the device?), the message detail is

Error 405

Error 405

Method Not Allowed

(Ron S) #2

@willmeyer I have seen that happen with my Sonos BOOST. I simply unselected it from my Sonos Connect app (as it was being recognized as a Sonos Play 1). This shouldn’t affect your use of Sonos Players with ST.


Cool, thanks. Yeah I am unclear why the bridge/boost even shows up. Glad this isn’t unique to me, will remove it.