Bad Experence with MonoPrice

After seeing people reporting about the MonoPrice No Logo Z-Wave Plus Open/Close window and door sensor with internal connections for external reed switch, I ordered one. Well it came today, and I paired it with no problems at all. I figured since I want to use it with an external sensor which I ordered, I would test the two contacts where the external switch would connect. well I figured if I short it it should change the condition, Well I was wrong. The instructions say to install the contact, but doesn’t say NO or NC. Well I called MonoPrice and the tech, didn’t even know it had that capability. He looked at the instructions and said Oh it does. When I asked him does this function work, he said it should. Well it doesn’t. He gave me an RMA and said I would have to pay for return shipping as I didn’t like it. I told him I don’t like that it doesn’t work. He said can’t do anything for you. Well I know that I won’t buy from them again.

Should have checked the support here first before checking with monoprice lol.

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I have several of these I use with external contacts.
Did you have the cover on it when you tested it? Pretty sure with the cover off it only reports a tamper state, as well as the led being on constantly…


people always say this when they cant get something to work due to their own user error. most, if not all, stores could careless if you dont buy from them again as when you leave there will be many more new people to replace you.

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*couldn’t care less.

Also, that’s not what he’s saying (with the exception of verifying what Mike said), the product isn’t working as described not that it doesn’t work how he wants it to work.

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Before you pass judgement understand the problem. I have been an Electrician and Electrical tech for 40 years and I know how to test. I had the tamper button depressed and tested with reed switch NC didn’t work tried with NO didn’t work, tried with back on both switches didn’t work. The instructions say it should. Found on their page a review by another person saying that MonoPrice admitted to the problem and replaced his with non Z-Wave Plus that was older model that works.

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The post above this one explains all the testing and the results. Their device doesn’t do what it should. Was it just a batch of them I don’t care and don’t know. I asked for a replacement that works and they didn’t want to even do that. Plus to charge me for shipping it back where their product is defective is crazy.

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multiple reports here and in the reviews on Monoprice that newer Z-wave Plus models have external contacts that don’t work.

Now everyone can see, that it isn’t something I did, and MonoPrice was out of line to charge me shipping for an defective product. Now I am going to have to find a way to get to the contacts of the device to solder the external switch on. not sure it can be done.

I was told told look for this device Linear WADWAZ-1 Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor, White and it turns out it is the same device as the un branded MonoPrice, and one user reported the external switch doesn’t work either.

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Now we have gotten to the bottom of it, zwave ok, zwave plus no beuno…
Mine are not zwave plus…

Now my project of getting an alert when mail is delivered is going to be put on hold. My metal mailbox won’t transmit the signal from the device if inside the box. That is why I wanted the external reed switch. I thought if I had the sensor on the door and the magnet on the main housing the Z-Wave plus would send the signal as soon as the door opened and the signal was regained. I will give it one more try today and then do a Z-Wave repair, maybe that will work. I already put a Z-Wave Plus Plug nearby to repeat the signal.

To be clear, what I meant:
Monoprice zwave external contact connection works,
Monoprice zwave plus external contact connection does not work out of the box…, see below!!!

Yes Mike exactly, that is why MonoPrice should not want to charge me return shipping. But now that I am stuck with this I will try to mount the sensor on the door and the magnet on the frame. Maybe it will work when door opens and signal is regained.

Does monoprice ever do free return shipping? Even for defective/not-as-described items? Plenty of retailers/manufacturers expect the consumer to pay for shipping back if an item needs in-warranty repair/replacement.

Don’t get me wrong, I love ordering stuff from amazon and being able to return stuff for free if the item doesn’t match the website description (kind of a subjective call, if you ask me). Doesn’t really mean that every other web retailer is obligated to do the same.

The fact that they do free shipping at all is relatively new, last year or two I think? Presumably in an effort to keep up with amazon.

Under normal circumstances I would agree, but they say the item does something and it isn’t even capable of it, that is false advertising. It is in their user manual and on many web pages, so they are responsible to provide what the specs are. Not only did I buy the unit I bought a reed switch, so I am down even more money.

Really depends on what their shipping/return policies are. Beyond that, they’re just doing customers a favor in the interest of maintaining good will; amazon customer service has clearly made it a priority to go above and beyond in many circumstances, but not every other retailer does.

Having said that, see part of monoprice’s return policy I pasted below. Since this is a defective item, the rep you spoke to may not have been entirely consistent with their stated policy (though it’s possible he was). Either way, good luck.

Returns of Products are subject to’s current return policies which are set forth here on our website and on the invoice. These policies may be subject to additional or lesser return rights adopted by the manufacturer or publisher. The Terms of Sale represent the complete and final agreement between the customer and for the matters set forth herein and shall be supplemented only by the prices, quantity, and descriptions set forth in’s invoice for the relevant sale. Terms contained in customers’ purchase orders, offers to buy, terms and conditions, and the like shall have no effect.

For Refunds: All returns for refund must be authorized by within 30 days of the delivery date. There is NO RESTOCKING FEE applied to any returned item(s). However, S&H cost is not refundable.
For any items being returned that are non-defective, we would not be able to cover the shipping charges. In order for you to return item(s), we recommend you use a cheaper shipping method such as USPS/UPS standard. Thanks for your support and we apologize for the inconvenience.

For Replacements: Replacements will be provided for any defective product within the specified warranty period for that product. Replacements will be the only recourse for returns after 30 days from the delivery date have passed. will only replace item(s) for the exact same item(s) during its warranty period. Sorry, we cannot exchange one item with a different item. The Product ID (PID) must be the same.

Out of Stock or Discontinued Items: If you return a product for replacement and it is Out of Stock or Discontinued when the item is received, you may be contacted by the Returns team and offered a suitable replacement or option for a store credit.

For Defective items: If the defect is reported within 30 days and a replacement is requested, we will send out a replacement immediately and cover the shipping of the replacement item. If return of the defective item is requested by, you will be emailed a pre-paid UPS return shipping label to return the defective item to us. If no return is requested by, you will be asked to discard the item.

If a refund is requested, will issue a refund once the item is returned. If requests for the item to be returned to us, we will email you a pre-paid UPS return shipping label to return the defective item. If no return is requested by, a refund will be issued within 1-2 business days. We will issue a refund on shipping paid if, and only if, the defective item is the only item on the order. If there are other items that are being kept on the same order, no shipping refund will be issued. A partial shipping refund may be issued if the returned item is the bulk of the order. Partial shipping refunds will be issued at the sole discretion of the Returns department.

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Look at this paragraph, it is double speak. Look at this part of the above paragraph "For any items being returned that are non-defective, we would not be able to cover the shipping charges.

Yes it is defective.

Well guys, I made a modification to my thoughts and found by moving the sensor to the door and the magnet to the frame I do receive a push notification from the sensor. So I will hopefully not need to return it. But the other one for my windows will have to go back. I will have to find another sensor with external contacts for my windows. So at least one is good. The Z-Wave repair did work. Or maybe help.

I am elated that I can save one.

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The Monoprice zwave plus external contact connections WORK fine.

They disabled this feature by default so you have to change a configuration setting to enable it and when it’s enabled the internal and external have to be closed in order for the device to report closed.

I created a device handler specifically for this product that explains all of this.