Back button messed up the whole setup

I recommended ST to my brother-in-law. He ordered one.
After pairing several devices, for some reason, he used back button on his Android phone which took him all the way to the initial screen where he entered the original activation code. In hurry he pressed ‘Next’ button.
That is it. His hub vanished. Doesn’t exists anywhere. When he tried with same code, it is creating new hub but previous devices are not being Excluded.

According to him even support was not able to trace the original setup, neither was able to exclude the devices paired with the previous one.

I’m surprised ST app did not validate the code/hub and handle the issue.
He is returning the kit.

if at first you don’t succeed then you can indeed give up forever. That does keep things very simple. Home automation is a big waste of time if you don’t care about home automation.


If you’re going to give up on the first issue then you’re going to miss out on a lot of things in life, not just Home Automation.