B-Hyve Smart Hose Tap / Faucet

Coming soon?


Looks like Bluetooth direct connection, but you can add a little wifi hub.

2 AA batteries…wonder how long that would last. From the description its not enough to open the valve so its charging up a cap or something and then popping it open. Water flow calculation is pretty nifty.

Think for the money I’d personally try to DIY something with a ESP8266, ST_Anything, and a $15 sprinkler system valve spliced into some hose. But then again it wouldn’t look as pretty.

Man I wish I would have put in the irrigation system when I put in a lawn…

I did that in September. Tore out the whole back lawn, because in the wake of removing the centerpiece maple (that was in danger of tilting into the house in the next major storm) it sprouted uncontrollable weeds. Put down a few inches of rich topsoil… but before doing so, I put irrigation lines in the ground. Big, tough job. But oh so worth it!

It’s on a Rain Wave 4-zone thing that runs on two AA batteries. The zones are completely independent. Only rule is that only one zone can operate at a time. And I’ve used this gadget for a few years. One set of batteries lasts about four months.

I detach the unit from the spigot for the winter, so it’s components don’t freeze/expand. Probably not 2018, but by 2019 I’ll set up a more permanent irrigation control system.