Away for a while

I went a bit crazy with SmartThings after buying my house a year ago… Now I have several devices that are not picked up … a few of them are out in my garage which is detached and about 20 feet from the house. I have an Extender running but I have no way at all to know if it works.

What is the best approach to diagnose and get some of my devices back online? The smoke detector in the garage works, but a couple of door sensors do not. I’d like to get this ironed out.

Two major protocols…Zigbee and Z-Wave. You need solid repeaters to ensure that your Zigbee and Z-Wave meshes are good.

Inventory your devices to see which devices are on which protocol. You may need to add a repeater or more to the protocol that is having issues.

Strong meshes equal less troubles.

Good luck!