Away Button

Where did they move the home and away button in the new update? I have automations that work when I am away.
Thanks Mike

I am unclear on how to answer.

If you are referring to Location mode, you can click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen and select Manage locations but there are no buttons.

If you are talking about STHM mode where you can click on Disarmed/Armed (Stay)/Armed (Away)… you can find this in the Life section or you can manually add it to your Favorites screen. I can’t remember if this is available in all regions (countries).

Yes it’s the location mode. I clicked on the home icon it said it was loading but nothing happened.

try force quitting the app and open it and check. If that does not resolve it, try clearing the cache for the app if Android. Last option, uninstall/reinstall the app.