Available 'Things' in Marketplace gone funky (UK)

(Robin) #1

I used to have a list of device type folders under ‘things’ in the Marketplace, but now it looks like this:

Same on iOS and Android.

Just me?


Can you check again for me?

(Robin) #3

Whatever you did fixed it (after a force close).

Thank You


Awesome! Sorry for the trouble. Someone must have tripped over an ethernet cable.

( I hate Mondays) #5

I believe you mean the wireless ethernet cable. Get your facts straight :wink:

(Tony) #6

Yeah, it happened to me as well last night, but about 30 minutes later, the full list (with the TV) was back there…
I then connected my TV (UE43KS6510) to my hub v2 straight away in less than 1 minutes,
Works perfectly so far !!!